Kairos of God

Time, in the ancient Greek text of the Bible uses two very important words for time, with two very different meanings. The first is Chronos; from which our chronological measurement of time is derived. This is linear time “Man’s time” it is measured mathematically, second upon second, minute upon minute, day upon day, and year upon year. This is the means by which man from the beginning of Chronos has been confined to measure the days of his existence.

Then… there is Kairos, this type of time, is very unlike man’s time. It is not quantitative or cumulative. Kairos denotes an “appointed time”, the right time, or the exact time…Gods Time!

And he said to me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near. Or ” but at the proper time manifested, even His word, in the proclamation with which I was entrusted according to the commandment of God our Savior”

As Christians we are no longer relegated or constrained to live a life that is measured by Chronos. We are called to a life that is not linear but spiritual in nature. To know the very heart of him who sees the beginning from the end, who is the Ancient of Days.

There is a subtle poison that is prevalent in our thinking that time is an enemy. In reality time is no man’s enemy, time does not steal from men. Time is only a measuring stick. Time does not constitute the caliber of our choices it only reveals them. We are those who live by the Kairos of God, for this is the appointed “time”, those who are born of the Spirit live by the Spirit. We are living in Kairos. The fullness of time, eternity now.

Time…the common gift to all men. There are many different times in our life, but each hour is loaded with duties which God has allotted to it with his own hand, and for which he will hold us accountable; because from the first seconds of our existence until the last moment of our life, God has not intended to leave us any empty time, nor that which might be said to be left to our discretion, or for us to loose. We are strangely ingenious in perpetually seeking our own interest, and what worldly souls do crudely and openly, we do subtly, with help from pretext, which serve as a screen, and stops us from seeing the ugliness of our own behavior. Happy is the soul which by sincere self discipline and the power of the Holy Spirit holds itself ceaselessly in the hands of God, ready to do everything that he wishes: which never stops saying to its self a thousand times a day,

“Lord, what wouldst thou that I should do?” ” Teach me to perform thy holy will, for thou art my God!” “Lord you will show that you are my God by teaching me, I will show that I am your servant by obeying you.”

We must always remember what we do in life, echoes through eternity.

Comment below with your thoughts on how you use your time and how it should be used.

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Our Living Hope

“Death is a black camel which kneels beside every man’s gate.” This is a saying from the eastern world where a camel (death) kneels to take its rider forever from this world. In our culture death is known as the grim reaper and he ultimately will knock at every door. All of mankind is haunted and hounded by a fear of death with a feeling of being consistently stalked by this dreaded enemy. I assure you that the horrors of Hell and the glories of Heaven can neither be exaggerated nor understated. Our human vocabulary- human speech is utterly incapable to conveying the awful state of the lost or the radiant joy of the saved.

The New Testament is a book all about life…spiritual life, abundant life, and eternal life. It realistically confronts death head on, and does it through the person and ministry of Jesus Christ.

The last and final book of the Bible is called “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” It is the only book in the Bible that portrays Jesus as He truly is. The Gospels present Jesus in His humble humanity and earthly ministry, climaxing with His resurrection and ascension. But the book of Revelation takes up were the Gospels leave off and shows us the glorified Christ, the Christ of heavenly majesty, the victorious Christ enthroned in heaven, who will mightily return to earth and set up His eternal kingdom. The book of Revelation is the book that pulls back the veil to reveal Christ….the King of Glory. It’s a rare thing when the veil that blinds our natural minds from God’s word is lifted, which enables us to grasp a glimpse into the “Great Beyond,” and when we do we should be deeply grateful and should treat such revelation with care and reverence.

In the opening chapter, John records the awesome vision given to him by Christ (vv.13-16). John was struck down by the dazzling splendor of this vision. Then the hand that held the stars in their courses was placed on the head of John in comfort and assuring words were spoken, “Do not be afraid…I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hell” (vv.17-18)

What great assurance for all Christians of all ages. Christ is alive! And He alone holds the keys to the gates of death and hell.

Maybe, the gates of death have opened up to admit someone that you love…a parent, brother or sister, or a friend? Jesus was there with the keys of death. He has the key to every grave in every quiet country graveyard and every crowded city cemetery. His own mighty resurrection and power are the keys that unlock these gates and call the imprisoned body to arise to newness of life, in likeness of His own. He is the Living One and because He lives, so shall we also live! Our most important business on earth is to make certain that we join the countless multitude that unites in the song of the Lamb.

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